This is another in our series on the work volunteers do for Historic Rugby.

Our official Facebook page has reached over 2000 ‘LIKES’ thanks to George Zepp’s hard work (it is now up to 2050 LIKES and 1380 visits as of August 17th! ) George is a long-time Historic Rugby volunteer responsible for most of the postings and photographs on our Facebook page since our organization first joined the social media site on November 1, 2009.

He has also worked on our other social media marketing campaigns including creating almost all of the Constant Contact email newsletters that Historic Rugby has sent out since 2010. We now have 2,641 active email newsletter contacts!

Between these two social media sites we are reaching far more people than we do with our membership mailing list! Thanks to his efforts many new people know about Historic Rugby and receive updated information about it. Hopefully, some day these folks will decide to become members or will contribute to Historic Rugby’s growth in other ways.

In addition to social media, George has participated in other marketing activities including writing press releases, working as a liaison with our corporate marketing partners Seigenthaler and Associates, giving talks about Rugby’s history around Tennessee, writing articles for the website, and  assisting with the hard copy newsletters mailed out to members, as well as many other tasks both large and small.

George Zepp has a long history with Rugby, as his great grandfather was Robert Walton, the Rugby Colony’s manager who built Walton Court. He has been coming up to Rugby his entire life, staying at the original Walton Court with his family during vacations. Walton Court burned down in the 1980’s and he and his partner, Rick Murphy, reconstructed it in 2007.

He has been a member and supporter of Rugby Restoration Association and Historic Rugby for years and was a board member. He also served as Board Chair for a number of years. Other than marketing, George is also involved in keeping up our extensive archives (a time consuming task) as well as participating in many of our local theater productions.

We thank him for his tireless efforts in promoting Historic Rugby. Due to his eloquent and humorous postings and his great photographs, Historic Rugby reaches hundreds more people than ever before! We hope you LIKE us on Facebook, and that you encourage all of your friends to embrace this small historic non-profit!