The Rugby Quilt Guild and volunteers put on a great show this past Friday and Saturday! Around 179 folks from all around came to the Rugby Quilts: Wave the Red, White and Blue two-day event. This Quilt Event honored all our veterans of war with a special emphasis on quilts from the World War II era. Part of the presentations included giving eight deserving veterans special Quilts of Valor. Sixteen veterans attended the event for free.

Over 107 personal quilts were displayed throughout Rugby in eight historical buildings from the 1880’s including Christ Church, Thomas Hughes Public Library, Kingstone Lisle, Ruralia, Virgo House, Newbury House, Uffington and the 1907 Schoolhouse.

Merchants and vendors sold their goods in the Commissary and the Board of Aid and there were two mini demonstrations.

World War II Quilt expert Sue Reich displayed thirty of her quilts in the Rebecca Johnson Theatre and spoke on the unique features of quilts from that time period. Her impressive collection of quilts were displayed in the Community Building and Theatre.

Over thirty eight volunteers helped out at the event. We want to thank each and every one of them for their contributions to the event! Thanks also to the veterans who attended, the folks who loaned their personal quilts, the historic home owners who opened their homes, the vendors, sponsor Wonder Labs and the staff at Historic Rugby.

The true stars of this show are the ladies of the Rugby Quilt Guild whose meticulous planning, attention to detail and creative vision resulted in a masterful event that truly honored our veterans. Thank you, Rugby Quilt Guild!