As Historic Rugby has gone about its mission of preservation we have been very fortunate to have the guidance of a preservation architect, Michael Emrick.

Michael has worked with Historic Rugby since the late 1970’s in various capacities. For the last twenty plus years he has served as the preservation architect on the Design Review Committee helping to review plans for new buildings and reconstructions.

Michael first came to Rugby in 1978 with the group, Building Conservation Technologies, that developed the Master Plan for Rugby – a very comprehensive and awarding winning plan designed to assist Rugby in preserving the old while planning for its future as a living village.

In addition to his work on the Master Plan and the Design Review Committee he has developed plans for several new homes and reconstructions, including the reconstruction of the Board of Aid and Walton Court, as well as helping with restorations of historic buildings such as Adena Cottage and the Lindens Barn.

Michael Emrick has been a pivotal force in ensuring that Historic Rugby keeps the architectural integrity of  its historic buildings, and that new construction adheres to the same standard and aesthetic.  He is retiring from that role so we want to thank him for his vision and hard work during the early years, and for his continued guidance and support for the past two decades. We celebrate and  appreciate all that you have done for Historic Rugby, Michael Emrick!



Long time Rugby historic architect Michael Emrick (shown at left) receiving thank you gift from HRI Board Chair, Rick Murphy

Photo by: George Zepp