Rugby Donation “Wish List”

Since many things in our village have been in use for years, we have a number of specific needs for equipment or tools. If you have something used in good condition or extra goods, please know that we can put them to good use.  Thank you. 

  1. Good used pickup for maintenance
  2. Café range hood replacement
  3. Golf cart for transporting visitors with limited mobility
  4. Linens for lodging
  5. Flooring for Pioneer Cottage
  6. Replacement steam table for Café
  7. Windows for Pioneer Cottage (would need to match architecture)
  8. Roof for Community Building
  9. Convection Oven for Cafe
  10. Copier Paper/General Office Supplies
  11. Printer Ink Cartridges: HP 970XL (Black) HP971XL (Magenta, Cyan, Yellow)
  12. Cleaning supplies
  13. Maintenance supplies
  14. A/C Window Units
  15. Event supplies (disposable cups, plates, napkins, plasticware
  16. Large coffee carafes
  17. Insulated drink dispensers
  18. Victorian Christmas Decorations
  19. Autumn decorations


If you can donate something, please contact the Historic Rugby offices:  423/628-2441.