Progress Made On Village’s Oldest Frame Building

Pioneer Cottage is the oldest frame building in Historic Rugby, dating back to 1880. When Thomas Hughes first came to Rugby, he stayed in Pioneer Cottage.

And Pioneer Cottage has had its share of notable guests over the years. Country music legend Tom T. Hall (a frequent Rugby visitor) supposedly wrote “That’s How I Got To Memphis” while staying at Pioneer Cottage.  And today, Pioneer Cottage is still used as lodging for guests from all over the world.

The long stretches of cold weather last winter caused frozen pipes in many Rugby buildings, and at Pioneer Cottage, we noticed that the flooring in the kitchen was getting weak. What appeared to be a minor job of shoring up a couple of weak spots turned into a major construct project, as the floor joists had deteriorated to the point where they had to be replaced, and the walls of the kitchen leveled properly back on the foundation of the building.

After several weeks of work, this was accomplished, and new flooring and renovated cabinets were put into the kitchen area. This has made a tremendous difference in the look and function of the building.

But there is more to be done. The windows are in dire need of replacement–they have deteriorated to the point that the panes are loose and letting air flow through. Replacement windows will be a significant project–they must adhere to historic guidelines. There are some types of windows that could be donated to replace the damaged ones, but they would need to be approved by Historic Rugby’s Design Review Committee first.

In addition, there is the need for refinishing the floor in the living room to match the floor in the kitchen, painting, and replacing a gas heater with a freestanding fireplace.

If you’d like to provide a gift to help with the Pioneer renovation, click here. Or if you’d like to donate materials or volunteer to help, please call 423/628-2441.