Open with two-night minimum stay on account of deep cleaning issues. This cabin-like gem has been here since the earliest days of Rugby and even gave shelter to Rugby’s founder, Thomas Hughes. He wrote about his 1880 stay here in his book “Rugby, Tennessee,” and in a letter to a British periodical: “The katydids are making delightful music in the trees, and the summer lightning is playing over the Western heaven, while a gentle breeze, cool and refreshing as if it came straight off a Western sea, is just lifting, every now and then, the corner of my paper.”

Modern improvements include, of course, indoor plumbing (the downstairs bath has been remodeled) and a homey kitchen. Its three bedrooms, parlor, kitchen and porches (rear one screened) capture the atmosphere of a relaxed past. Historic Rugby has welcomed lodgers here since shortly after acquiring it in 1981. It’s conveniently located right on what used to be Rugby’s Central Avenue, then was State Hwy. 52, but is now the much-less-busy & quieter Rugby Parkway.

The downstairs bedroom is where Hughes stayed when he praised Rugby’s night sky as “studded with stars as bright as though they were all Venuses.”

Pioneer Cottage is self-catering with its own kitchen, but R.M. Brooks Store a short distance west offers lunch/takeout daily except Wednesdays & Sundays (423-628-2533) if guests choose not to bring their own provisions. Pets are allowed (with $20 per pet fee) and children are welcomed here.

Smoking is not allowed inside Pioneer, but is permitted on the front and rear-screened porches.