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Historic Rugby offers one main tour (described here). General admission for this guided walking tour is $7 adults, $6 seniors (age 60 or above), $4 students K-12, and preschoolers free.



We offer many other ways to enjoy our small village! You can enjoy a self guided walking tour of Rugby’s Hidden History or visit the Print Shop (open seasonally) for FREE. You can enjoy two different interpretive walking tours using headsets for a nominal fee of $3.00 for each headset.


Please read below for a description of our OTHER tours. 



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ACOUSTIGUIDE TOURS: We now offer two audio tours on headsets!

You may rent the headsets for either tour at the Visitor Centre for $3.00 per person.  Both audio tours are included in the price.

Historic Rugby is pleased to offer two separate AcoustiGuide tours for your enjoyment. These AUDIO tours interpret the history of Rugby in innovative new ways. Developed by long-time Rugby historian Barbara Stagg they include professional voice actors who eloquently tell stories about the family who built the original circa 1860’s Massengale Homeplace as well as many of the original colonists who are now buried in the Laurel Dale Cemetery.

Take both tours for a unique and well-rounded Rugby experience. Both tours are self-contained and are approximately 45 minutes long! Headset rental is $3.00 per pair



The Massengale Homeplace Audio Tour interprets not only the flora and fauna of the Rugby State Natural Area but also the Massengale Homesite that was built by members of the Massengale family in the 1860’s. Come listen to the hilarious (and true!) tales told by Uncle Dempsey to his English visitors.



The Laurel Dale Cemetery Audio Tour interprets the history of the Cemetery and some of its occupants in audio format. These poignant stories are true and show the diversity of Rugby residents from the 1870’s through the 1940’s.




















This is a special event scheduled once or twice a year. Admission is $10.00 per person, $5.00 for students. Check our calendar for the next scheduled performance, or contact us for more information.

Check our calendar for special performances of the Laurel Dale Cemetery Lantern Tour. This fabulous live presentation features current Rugby residents in the roles of Rugby residents from the past. Originally developed by Rugby resident Mike Harris, who also helped launch the popular Civil War Cemetery Lantern Tour at the Stones River Battlefield in Murfreesboro, TN, many years ago, this program offers unusual insight into the lives of many people who have lived in Rugby.

Each actor further developed their story and ensured historic accuracy by using costumes and dialect as part of their roles. Characters are rotated so you are bound to hear a new story each time!

Only featured a couple of times a year the Lantern Tour is performed live in the Laurel Dale Cemetery during warmer months and in the Rebecca Johnson Theatre in our Visitor Centre during the winter months.

Our villagers offer an intriguing take on the lives of those who came before us including audience favorites such as Madame Hughes, mother of Rugby founder Thomas Hughes who moved to Rugby from England when she was in her eighties and Charles Oldfield, a Rugby resident who was a German immigrant and Union soldier. Come hear their compelling stories!

Check our Calendar for dates and times of this special interpretive experience!





Rugby Print Shop

 Thanks to our dedicatedvolunteers, touring our Print Shop is FREE for our visitors. Please contact us to make sure the Print Shop will be open when you visit.

The Rugby Print Shop is now open and is FREE to visitors on busy weekends thanks to Carolyn and Julian Bankston and other dedicated volunteers! Built in nearby Deer Lodge in 1887 and moved to Rugby in 1978, it is outfitted with a foot-powered letterpress. Come watch our volunteers demonstrate the letterpress and tell the story about how newspapers were printed in Rugby during the late 1880’s and beyond.




Interpretive Sign 

The Hidden History Self-Guided Walking Tour is FREE for our visitors.


Come walk through Rugby on your own time and enjoy the five interpretive signs installed throughout our main walking trails that describe Rugby’s ‘Hidden History”. Developed by Barbara Stagg, a long-time Rugby historian, these wonderful signs offer visitors a glimpse into Rugby’s ‘hidden history’, including the old Tabard Inn site, the Alexander-Perrigo Boarding House and the original Grey Gables.






Our Interpreter awaits your group!

Please contact us for prices for our Special Interest Tours.

Occasionally, Historic Rugby offers tours on unique topics for special interest groups such as Librarians, Historians, Historic Architects, Cultural Anthropologists, Archeologists, etc.. Please let us know your special interest so we can help develop a tour for your group!





Historic Rugby Board Director, Mike Green, at right, brings his church group to Rugby for a tour and lunch

We offer special pricing and amenities, such as meals, for group tours. Please contact us for more information!