One Person Can Make An Amazing Difference

The Story of Historic Rugby Influences
And Inspires Thousands Around the World.

Because It Shows How Just One Person
Can Make An Amazing Difference.

 Your Gift To Historic Rugby—Large Or Small—Matters.  Just Ask Marjorie Kagels.

Five years ago, at age 75, Marjorie Kagels joined a dulcimer band and became a full-time resident of Historic Rugby.  She settled into Onderdonk Cottage, a replica of the original built by Cornelius Onderdonk, the colony’s architect. Her dulcimer trio became a quartet and changed its name to “Heartstrings.”

The band name is perfect for describing Marjorie—her heart is among the biggest we’ve ever known. Marjorie travels to Zambia each year to work with a team that
provides medical care to more than 12,000 people—the only medical care most of them get for the whole year.

She opened a shop in Rugby called “Missions Matter” to benefit a 100 year old nonprofit, Namwianga, selling fair trade goods from three continents. She volunteers in the Harrow Road Café and tells hundreds of people about our village.

Marjorie shows daily how just one person can make a huge difference. She brought up six children under the notion, “It doesn’t matter how little you have, it’s what you do with it that counts.” 

Marjorie is Rugby. As are the thousands of people like you,
who help us spread the Rugby story around the globe.

Traditions Matter

This sentiment descended, along with Marjorie, from generations of farmers—people familiar with making a little go a long way. As a child, a little Marjorie watched transfixed from her grandmother’s farmhouse window each night as a neighbor rolled an elaborate quilt from floor to ceiling.

Magic,” she whispers—watching the orange lit window turn from a stooped old woman to patterned baskets and stars.


So at Rugby’s Annual Fundraising Gala, Marjorie has bid on and won four one-of-a-kind Rugby quilts. Her goal is to have one for each of her grandchildren. So they can feel the magic of tradition, too.

Community Matters

But Marjorie’s sharing the magic doesn’t stop with her family. She spreads her spirit of giving and tradition and love throughout our village—and around the world with her gifts and volunteer efforts in places as far away as Zambia.

That’s Marjorie. And that’s Rugby.

You see this spirit in every staff member and volunteer wading through mud-filled crawl spaces to patch busted pipes in winter, or dousing a Print Shop in flames (struck by lightning late one night), or pruning pines from the bed of a pickup truck in November rain, pricking fingers while tucking holly into hand-woven wreaths, shoveling salt over walkways after they turn off the office lights one by one to make their way home.

You should also see it in yourself.

Giving Matters

Your help makes a big difference.  Money, time, an item from our Wish List—they all make an impact, not just in the village but with the thousand of people we reach each year.

When you give, you give strength to a community founded on heart, sustained by hard work, and enriched by every member and volunteer. You join hands with Marjorie, with every Rugbeian. You join in the preservation of the unique fusion between Victorian-Appalachian history and ideals.

Please help us share Rugby’s history of people helping people, of education and big ideas, of making it possible for every individual to make themselves—and the world—a bit better.

You make all the difference. Thank you for all you do for us.

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