Annual Membership Meeting Election – 2015/2016 Board Nominee Biographies

Current Board members Annie Patterson of Glen Mary, TN, and Steven Phillips of Oneida, TN, are up for reelection.
New Board Nominees include David Bone of Nashville, TN and Marcy E. Shelton Schell of Brentwood, TN. Their biographies are listed below. The Annual Membership Meeting will be held in the Rebecca Johnson Theatre in the Visitor Centre on Sunday, June 28. All Historic Rugby members are invited.
David Bone:  Since 2008, David Bone has been a legislative assistant for the Tennessee House of Representatives, where he currently supports District 51 Representative Bill Beck. His prior work experience includes positions as a fiscal analyst as well as executive director of a nonprofit devoted to supporting an endowed fund for medical research. As a Board Member for Historic Rugby, David will bring valuable and extensive experience in public relations, government relations, and special events management, and plans to assist HRI’s efforts with fundraising events and strengthening donor contacts. Having first learned about Historic Rugby through “Tennessee Crossroads” on Nashville Public Television and later through a friend, he and his wife Amie first visited for a weekend escape. They loved it so much that they “never considered any location other than Rugby for our wedding“ in November 2010.
Marcy E. Shelton Schell:  A longtime personal friend of Board Member Stephen McClure and native of Tullahoma, Marcy E. Shelton Schell, resident of Brentwood, TN, has 25 years of real estate and banking law experience. Having served in every leadership capacity with the Franklin Noon Rotary Club, she remains an active member in Rotary and recently served as Vice President of the Brentwood Rotary Club at Noon. She currently serves on the club’s scholarship committee and this year revised its application process for annual scholarships. Marcy and her husband are avid hikers and love the outdoors. She believes that HRI is a unique place in this country and should be preserved, stating, “Not only are the buildings beautiful and unusual, but the area in which Rugby is situated is special. It is worth saving for future generations of Tennesseans and tourists.” She wants to help Rugby further its fundraising efforts, supports its missions, and is committed to HRI’s long-term sustainability.