Mark the calendar for Oct. 3, when the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville opens a new exhibit on “Intentional Communities” that includes Rugby! The exhibit, in the Changing Galleries, looks at four unique social living experiments that took place in the state over the past 180 years.

The webpage for the exhibit states, in part: “The exhibition focuses on these four exceptional, privately conceived, reform-minded intentional communities created during eras of major democratic impulses occurring in American history.  All were founded by non-Tennesseans of middle or upper class backgrounds who perceived the state as the best fit for their experiments.  Despite the fact that few native Tennesseans actually lived in them, each community made its mark on the Volunteer State’s rich history.”

Open through November 30, 2014, the exhibit features several important period objects from Rugby, including Madame Hughes’ Tea Caddy and a 1880s writing desk from the grand Tabard Inn, named for the hostelry in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, are showcased in the exhibition.

Please click the link below to read the exhibit’s entire webpage:

Tennessee’s Intentional Communities: Examining the Farm, Nashoba, Rugby, and Ruskin