A Stunning Venue Where You Can Get Things Accomplished

If you’re looking for a place to hold a meeting or retreat that’s away from distractions, Historic Rugby could be your

Our village, on the Cumberland Plateau between Knoxville and Nashville, is quiet, peaceful, and stunningly beautiful. It’s a place where people get fresh perspectives, and that makes it perfect if you want your meeting to encourage new ideas and new enthusiasm.

1880s Charm. 2017 Technology.

Our village was created as an English colony in the 1880s, and many of the buildings from that era still stand, preserved and in use. So Historic Rugby has a unique charm and elegance. Our lodging has parlors, libraries, and front porches for thoughtful discussion. Meeting areas reflect Victorian style. You feel a
remarkable sense of peace.

We combine this with technology that you need for today. Our theatre can seat 110 people and is equipped with professional video and audio, along with high-speed internet. Lodging also offers high-speed internet (except for one location that has been purposefully kept secluded, for groups that want zero outside distractions). The Harrow Road Café features a large screen 4K television and a private meeting room that holds 40 people.

You can be as connected as you need to be. Or as disconnected as you want to be in Historic Rugby.

You’ll Feel At Home Here.

We know your meeting is about more than just business, so you’ll feel right at home with Rugby hospitality. Our Harrow Road Café can provide meals for small or large groups. There are numerous hiking trails throughout the village, and we’re adjacent to Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. We can also help you arrange outings to other local attractions.

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