We welcome you to lodge in Rugby with us and enjoy our hospitality!
Our lodging is available seven days a week. PIONEER COTTAGE, at left, NEWBURY HOUSE, or PERCY COTTAGE at right. All are open in 2021. All have kitchen facilities, so bring your food if you like. Otherwise, R.M. Brooks Store has to-go offerings until 5 EDT except Sundays & Wednesdays, 423-628-2533. We hope you can get away here to enjoy some private time, hikes or just relaxing in a natural setting from 141 years ago. Short trails lead from the village into the Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area as well as the Rugby State Natural Area.

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Where would you like to stay? Historic Rugby operates three lodging facilities that suit a variety of tastes, and there are two other lodging options within the village.
































































Whether you prefer a large historic Victorian house outfitted with period furnishings, a smaller cozy cottage with all the comforts of home, or a more rustic setting, our lodging options offer a unique, delightful experience.

































































Newbury House

Historic Newbury House  is a large Victorian house with a mansard roof built in 1880. It has five bedrooms upstairs and a suite downstairs, a large parlor, a sunroom and a kitchen. Featuring a completely restored exterior and updated interior rooms, Newbury House welcomes children 10 and up, but no pets, please.
































































It is now possible to rent the entire building at a specially discounted rates. Please contact us for more information.

































































Percy Cottage

Percy Cottage is a small, quaint 1977 restoration of a historic house. It has a large bedroom, parlor and a new bath downstairs and two bedrooms, small bath, and a kitchenette with sitting room upstairs. Percy Cottage is perfect for families or small groups of friends! Children are welcome, but no pets, please.









Pioneer Cottage

Pioneer Cottage was the first lodging facility built in Rugby and, true to its name, retains its rustic charm. Pets and children are welcome.








 Read more about each lodging facility and view the rooms under Rugby Lodging!







































































Alexander-Perrigo House

Alexander-Perrigo House

Alexander-Perrigo House

The newly reconstructed Alexander-Perrigo House is the home of Spirit of Red Hill Nature Art and Oddiments and lodging that is designed solely for your relaxation and comfort. The Bensted Bedstead is an open, wheelchair-accessible room that includes a barrier-free shower, microwave, small refrigerator, lift chair and WiFi. A sunroom and porch are also available for your private use in the evenings. 
































































For reservations, please call toll Free: 1-855-392-9332, or local: 423-628-5562 or 423-627-4397. Email is homeplace@spiritofredhill.com.































































































































Oak Lodge
































































Oak Lodge was originally built to handle overflow from Rugby’s Tabard Inn. The lodge is ideal for families or groups. To learn more about rates and reservations, contact the Martin family at 615-452-3795.