Please welcome popular local bluegrass band, Great Day in the Morning on Saturday, May 17th, at 2:00 pm, ET-the second day of Rugby’s Spring Festival!

Great Day in the Morning is comprised of Brandon Hughett and Lesia Hughett Terry, a Brother and Sister duo which has a unique blend of harmonizing vocals that is reaching new heights in the Bluegrass music genre. From the hills of East Tennessee, they have a family history of music that began with their parents singing gospel bluegrass music. Their many influences have been great legends such as Flatt & Scruggs & Ralph Stanley. No influence has been any greater than their Grandfather Carlie Hughett Sr who passed away in 2003. Grandpa was always excited about our accomplishments by saying “Great Day in the Morning”!

Brandon’s musical background consists of playing the piano and he participated in playing various instruments in a High School Marching Band. It wasn’t until his sister Lesia began playing Fiddle that he picked up the Bass Fiddle further enhancing his skills. Receiving Bass instruction from one of Pine Mountain Railroad’s founding members, Mr. Kipper Stitt, he continues to excel in his abilities as a player. Brandon has many other talents which include being an avid kayaker racing up and down challenging rivers as well as being a corporate pilot flying folks all over the country. Brandon says our next Bluegrass CD is going to be titled “Bluegrass songs from 25,000 Feet”! Title cut will probably be “Flying High”!

Lesia began playing fiddle in 2008. After returning home from a mission trip, her husband Kevin presented her with a welcome home gift….a starter fiddle. She looked strangely at him and replied “what am I going to do with this” for which he replied, “Learn to play it”. She began lessons and fell in love with the instrument. She then began receiving instruction from Nashville musician Dan Kelly who is a former fiddler with Roy Acuff’s Smoky Mountain Boys. Lesia enjoys her monthly sessions with Dan as she continues to improve and perfect her playing skills. Lesia enjoys networking with old time fiddlers who have taken the time to encourage and pass their talents on to her.

Brandon and Lesia have a great time entertaining folks with good old fashioned Bluegrass music! They have an ongoing “bet” between each other. Who ever makes their first million dollars, must half it with the other!

Brandon and Lesia shares the stage with a unique group of musicians. Mark Hancock graces the audience with his unique banjo playing style that is like no other….except maybe the likes of Flatt & Scruggs! Add David Duncan on Rhythm guitar and Caleb Thompson on mandolin and you have “GREAT DAY IN THE MORNING”!

Please check out their website You can watch one of their performances on You Tube at this link:

They released their first CD in the fall of 2012. It is called  “Pardon my Honor’.