Come enjoy a lovely & educational walk with TN plant expert Larry Pounds. Larry is on the Board of the TN Native Plant Society as well as being a Botanical Consultant with a PhD in Plant Ecology.  We will be identifying local wildflowers and trees on some of Rugby’s most beautiful trails.

Wear comfortable hiking clothing and shoes/boots.

The hike begins at 10 a.m. EST at the Harrow Road Cafe



We thank the website Southeastern Flora: Southeastern US plant Identification Resource for the eight photos to the left.(

They represent some of the common fall wildflowers you might possibly see on the walk.  They are listed below as they appear in the photo beginning clockwise at upper left (common name first followed by scientific name):

Ironweed: Vernonia altissima

Goldenrod: Solidago altissima

Joe-Pye weed: Eupatorium fistulosum

Narrow-leaf sunflower: Helianthus angustifolius

American beautyberry: Callicarpa americana

Common blue wood aster: Aster sagittifolius

Mistflower: Eupatorium coelestinum

Common Sneezeweed: Helenium autumnale


We also thank artist Vickie Henderson for use of the photo on the right that appears on her blogspot page: Vickie Henderson Art-A Nashville Warbler From Head To Toe.