Winter Solstice Corn Shuck Doll Workshop, Nov. 21

1-4 p..m. EST in Rugby’s historic Uffington House, the founder’s mother’s home, 1728 Rugby Parkway. Fee is $55. To reserve online, click here:  Or call Sue Wednesdays through Sundays at 423-628-2441.
Celebrate the upcoming season by creating your own Winter Solstice doll with corn shucks and other natural materials. You will learn the step-by-step process of building a corn shuck doll and experience the joy of embellishing your doll with foraged and repurposed materials! Instructor Anne Freels is a full-time craft artist who has been making corn shuck dolls since 1975. She is devoted to the creative process of craft; especially the alchemy of transforming raw, natural materials into something new. She dyes natural dried corn shucks by hand, then rolls and ties them into doll figures, which are then embellished with a variety of natural materials and repurposed objects. Her dolls represent her imaginative notions of folklore, legend, myth, and earthly and celestial entities, as well as traditional Appalachian themes. Because of her interest in keeping corn shuck doll craft alive, Anne teaches workshops and classes, and has authored an instructional book on the craft: “Making Colorful Corn Shuck Dolls.” Her work is in craft galleries throughout the southern Appalachian region and online.

Corn shuck doll example