Quilted Cards Workshop, Nov 13, 1-4 p.m. Eastern

Join instructor Vickie Bennett of Spring City, TN, to craft your own holiday cards in Rugby’s historic Uffington House.
Iris folding is done by arranging and layering strips of paper or fabric in a spiraled pattern that resembles the iris of a camera lens–that’s how this craft got its name. You can use this craft technique to create cards and embellishments for scrapbook pages, or the finished project could simply be framed and hung.
More details & online registration ($30) are here: https://historic-rugby-inc-3.square.site/ 
Limited to 10 participants to allow distancing.
Please bring the following supplies for workshop: Small pair of sharp scissors 1⁄2 inch-wide scotch tape (any brand of adhesive tape will do) 3⁄4 inch-wide removable scotch tape or masking tape (optional) 1/4 to 1/2 inch-wide double sided foam tape Note: Each card requires 3-4 different papers for the iris. Paper will be provided as part of your class fee, but if you have some Christmas paper that you really like, feel free to bring 4-6 1 inch strips of each pattern.