The event may have just SOLD OUT, but limited outdoor seating may yet be available, weather permitting. Email or call Sue Bell at or 423-628-2441 to find out.

This English Afternoon Tea, also known as a “cream tea,” will be held in historic Ufffington House, once home of Margaret Hughes, mother of Rugby founder Thomas Hughes. For ticket details ($22 per person) or to make reservations, please click HERE. Seating is limited.

It will be 1-3 p.m. Eastern (Noon-2 Central). Please call 423-628-2441 and ask for Sue if more information or group booking is required.

Welcome to Spring

As I sit to write this tea article, I am stuck at home in the holler where I live, looking at the three inches of snow on my car, and knowing I will not be able to make it up the hill to get to Historic Rugby today.  I was thinking of spring flowers, green grass, and warm weather and then the thought hit me “time for tea.”  As I head to the kitchen to put the kettle, what will I have with my tea, I thought.  I rooted through the fridge and found ham and cheese.  Wonderful a sandwich cut up in fourths will brighten my mood today.  Then a sweet. Hmmm, oh I know, the box of Girl Scout cookies in the cupboard. (Thin mints, of course).

So I had a tea party sitting in my favorite chair watching the birds at the feeder and staying warm.  Always remember a tea party is only a thought away. It does not have to be grand to make your day.  Just a reminder that our “Queen’s Tea” is coming up soon!  The Queen’s Tea is scheduled for May 8, 2021. Hope to see everyone there. Stay safe and healthy, & Happy Sipping!     — Sue Bell

Almost teatime