Paranormal Insights, Oct. 30 only

Rugby is offering you a rare opportunity to participate in a workshop designed to give you a deeper insight into the world of the unknown. You will receive information that will prepare you for encounters with the Paranormal. STAY CALM! NOT SCARED! Jonnie Odom, Facilitator, will be using a cautious approach backed by scientific methodology to help you comprehend what you are about to see and hear. Upon completion of this thrilling hour workshop you will be familiar with the following: 1. Five types of ghosts 2. Scientific theory of magnetic fields and proof of how they enter our world 3. Spiritual Vortex 4. Indian pictographs and sacred sites 5. Trees that send signals 6. Rocks and water translations 7. How to engage with the unknown 8. How to avoid the Unknown You will see actual pictures of paranormal events from Rugby, Tn. Sedona, Arizona Grand Canyon, Arizona San Francisco, CA Hot Springs, NC Limited to 10 participants. We’ve got to leave room for invisible visitors. Make your reservation soon!
4-5 p.m. Eastern time, in Historic Uffington House, Rugby.
RESERVATIONS: $20.  Available here: