Join in this fun game of Irish Road Bowling or just watch as players divide up into teams and roll and iron ball down Rugby Parkway (now safer with little traffic). The team with the fewest throws from start to finish wins! Their photo is taken with our fire-ravaged survivor trophy and posted on the Historic Rugby Facebook page! All ages and skill levels (or lack thereof) welcomed. Starts 5 p.m. EASTERN/4C in heart of Rugby.

We have spotters to retrieve balls (with magnets on poles) that might on occasion stray off the pavement. Everyone yells “CAR” when a vehicle is seen, so the road can be cleared for unknowing motorists. Great fun!

The game started in Ireland, but has now spread to Boston and other points in the USA. Rugby now marks several years of playing. It usually takes about an hour, depending on how many participants show up. We call it off for lightning but have been known to continue in Irish drizzle.

EVENT STARTS 5 p.m. Eastern AT BURNED RUIN OF HARROW ROAD CAFE. [Bowls Nov. 26, Dec. 4 & Dec. 17 will start at 5 p.m. EST given the shorter days.]

Winners pose with trophy for Facebook photo!

Young folks play too