November 24 and 25

Tea At Uffington House From 1-3pm Eastern Time
$16 per person (Reservations Required)

Thanksgiving Marketplace: 9am-5pm Eastern Time
The Shops in Historic Rugby (Rugby Commissary, Spirit of Red Hill, Missions Matter, Please Be Seated, R.M Brooks Store)

Want to give someone special a truly unique gift for the Holidays? Start in Historic Rugby.

Our Thanksgiving Marketplace is the start of the holiday season here. It features a variety of shopping opportunities with visiting artisans and crafters, and in Rugby’s own shops including The Commissary, Spirit of Red Hill, Missions Matter and R.M. Brooks General Store.

You won’t have to worry about the crowds and hassle of the mall. Instead, you’ll be in a beautifully decorated Victoria Village, with hand crafted items that can’t be found anywhere else.  Like tractors made from old sewing machines and handmade jewelry.  Or nature artwork from a Rugby artist-in-residence who can also tell you the amazing stories about how the creation came about. Or intriguing gifts from fair trade sources round the world, whose proceeds go to support mission work.

Artists and crafters will be on hand doing demonstrations, and there will be plenty of folks available for conversations that will get you into the true holiday spirit. And on both days, there will be a formal tea at Uffington House, home of Margaret Hughes, mother of Thomas Hughes.

For more information or reservations to the tea, call 423-628-2441. You can also make reservations online by clicking here.