This event has sold out as of Sept. 2, thanks to everyone who booked. If you would like to be on a waiting list, please call Sue at 423-628-2441.

In the unlikely event of heavy rain, the event will move into the Rebecca Johnson Theatre inside the Historic Rugby Visitor Centre (30 spectators spaced apart across 100 seats). Watch for event signs along Rugby Parkway marking the site, if relocated. Please note that rain elsewhere does not always mean rain in Rugby as we’re sometimes quite removed from even nearby weather patterns.

Each fall, Historic Rugby residents gather in the village’s Laurel Dale Cemetery to share the stories of some of Rugby’s most colorful characters of the last 140 years.

Hear in her own words from the widow left to complete construction of Rugby’s library. There’s the talented gentleman who set a Rugby record for bankruptcies. Listen to a lad who grew up here in the 1885-1901 years tell how he helped honor Queen Victoria in British-founded Rugby. You’ll learn the true story behind a Rugby ghost!

Those and others now dearly departed tell their tales. They speak for themselves in words taken from letters, diaries, newspaper accounts and interviews.

The event begins at 6:00 pm Eastern (5 Central). Tickets are $20 for adults, $10 for children 12 and under. Because of the popularity of this event, and 2020 Covid restrictions, reservations are required. It is limited to 30 masked spectators and usually sells out. Get online tickets at the link below, or call 423-628-2441 to reserve. Check online for lodging availability. Online event tickets here: