Your Gift To Historic Rugby Will Do Twice The Good. Thanks To An Extraordinary, One-Time Donation Match.

Dear Friend of Historic Rugby:

I wanted you to know just how much every donation—large or small—means to Historic Rugby.

Your gift means knowledge. We can continue to pass down the lessons of Rugby—opportunity, determination, hope, and care for others—to new visitors and new generations.  Your gift means protection—not just for the village, but the natural areas surrounding it.  Your gift means employment for staff members, and for the many artists and craftspeople who sell their creations here.

Historic Rugby receives no regular support from Federal or state governments. We rely on you to keep the village and its history alive, and to share the Historic Rugby story with the world. And from now until December 31, we have an extraordinary opportunity to raise funds that will drive many of our efforts.

Thanks to the amazing generosity of several key Rugby supporters, every donation between now and the end of the year will be matched (up to $10,000).

That means your donation could be doubled.
And for Historic Rugby, this will make a powerful impact.

pioneer1In 2017, we have several initiatives that are critical:

  • Pioneer Cottage, Rugby’s oldest building, dating back to the very beginning of the colony, needs significant repairs, including new windows, new flooring, and some structural upgrades. This need is pressing, especially with the role Pioneer plays in our lodging.
  • We are expanding our education outreach, with our program for young people, called “Explorers,” that will provide Historic Rugby memberships for students and an educator’s guide to teaching about our history. We recently hosted 140 school children in one day, and there is ongoing demand for more educational materials.
  • We want to expand our economic outreach, to give additional opportunities through
    the village for people to generate income, either through sales of merchandise, by sourcing locally, or by creating new jobs. This is very important in this area of high unemployment.
  • We need a “cushion” in our operations fund, so that we don’t have to draw from lines of credit and pay interest when there are extra expenses for events or emergencies.

The Matching Gift Program Will Help Make These Things Happen.
Act Now, And Your Contribution Could Be Doubled.

Again, this is a one-time offer from some generous benefactors and friends of Historic Rugby. It is the chance to give a significant boost to our village at a time when we can use it.

christmasatrugbyThis year—2016—was the 50th Anniversary of Historic Rugby, Inc. We accomplished some amazing things this year, thanks to you and other donors.  We remodeled the Harrow Road Café (desperately needed for a building that was built in 1985). We upgraded our retail charge systems to be in compliance with new laws, and to give us real-time information about operations so we could make fast, money-saving adjustments. We brought in new managers for the Café and Commissary, which has resulted in major improvements in the quality of visitors’ Rugby experience.

This year, the phrase we heard from visitors most often was, “we’ll be back.”

You and the many other friends of Historic Rugby who support us made this possible. As we start our second half-century, you can help us do even more.

A gift of just $100 goes amazingly far.  It helps keep people employed (not just our staff, but local businesses. We source as much as we can locally, even food for the Harrow Road Café.) It helps us maintain our historic buildings (which require constant upkeep because of their age.) It allows us to teach scores of people about Rugby—either in person or through international publicity and outreach.

And if you can donate before December 31, your gift could do twice as much good.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your generous support.


Teresa Bowman
Executive Director


P.S.  For a gift of $100 or more, we will send you a free DVD of our 50th Anniversary film, “The Spirit of Rugby,” which debuted this fall.And remember—donate before December 31, and your donation will be matched!

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