Dear Friend,

Rugby holds a special place in the hearts of many – because of its history, because of its beautiful setting and outdoor activities, and because of its people, who help make it a wonderful living community.  Our members come together not merely through a sense of obligation but through a shared spirit, through recognition, choice, and commitment.

A commitment to Rugby- founded twice on a dream; once to give the world a utopia, and again to insure that generations to come could enjoy the splendor, history and beauty of this place.  A dream deferred, perhaps—but Rugby today is not merely a reimagining.  It gently bustles with new life, its unique history revitalized, a stronger community even beyond the dreams and plans of its first incarnation.  We are not content merely to live in the past but we embrace our commitment to honor it.  America’s oldest completely preserved public lending library, Newbury House and Pioneer Cottage, the school, the church, Uffington House, are not a dream.  They are real—and they need constant care and maintenance, boards replaced, windows restored, chimneys tucked.  Utopias come and go, they are evanescent—because they are dreams.  But every good dream has a core of reality.  And Rugby is one Utopian community that has slowly wakened again; its ideals are reinvigorated and at work in the 21st Century.  We are asking you to give today so that we may sustain the physical beauty and history bestowed upon us by the dream that Rugby has been and continues to be.

But, Rugby is not just a constructed reality.  Have you hiked the trail to the Massengale homeplace, with the Rugby State Natural Area complete with historical exhibits?  When did you last wander amid the dignified stirrings of the giant tulip poplars, pines, hemlocks, and oaks?  Allow yourself to be mesmerized beyond any sense of time by the extraordinary antics of the hummingbirds among the summer flowers?  Indeed, Rugby is more than just an historic site, a utopian dream, it is a natural utopia as well- one, which we have assumed the luxury to preserve for all to enjoy.  We ask you to give today so that we may preserve the natural splendor, which draws so many newcomers and visitors to our community.

Perhaps it is these newcomers that are most vital to Historic Rugby.  Today the Rugby community is       experiencing a palpable renascence. Life along this leafy stretch of country road has a new vitality as individuals and families—some with old Rugby connections, others who have come from throughout the Southeast and around the country—have discovered its charms, found themselves returning again and again, and ultimately decided to call it home.  We are in essence an extended family, and as with all extended families not all members who have respect and affection for this spirit of common good assemble at any one time. But each member is always welcome.  Rugby is known for its easygoing and appreciative hospitality, and the folks who call it home are always looking forward to the next visitor, the next returning member of its far-flung community.

We ask you to donate today to so that we may continue to grow this extended family.  So, that we may share the treasure that is Rugby, with any and all newcomers, so that they too may know the allure of this town that we all hold so dear.

It is this ideal that we have in mind today.  With a newly hired executive director, and the support of an active board of directors, Historic Rugby is renewing its efforts to attract new visitors, minimize operating expenses, and assist the planned growth of thecommunity.  We wish to share this remote but beautiful village with anyone who wishes to visit us. However, please remember, that Historic Rugby receives no ongoing operational support from federal, state or local governments.  Despite this, we have accomplished much in the past years, including more events than ever for visitors to enjoy, a newly founded Appalachian author series, completed efforts to restore and maintain Newbury House and ongoing work at Thomas Hughes’ home Kingstone Lisle. We also have encouraged new residents and businesses in this living community – seeing private owners recently complete the reconstruction of Alexander-Perrigo House and working with another who is planning the reconstruction of another home from Rugby’s past.

However, much work remains to be done for Rugby’s future.  So, we ask you to give today, for it is only with your support and gracious giving that we can maintain the beauty of  Rugby while opening our arms wide to share this place with our extended family and newcomers.  Additionally, don’t miss this opportunity to double your impact here in Rugby.  This year we have received a pledge to match dollar for dollar, up to $30,000, all funds raised as part of the annual fund.  Your donation will be allowing us to provide our match to those funds.  Donate today and embrace YOUR commitment to Rugby so that we may continue this dream we all share…



Zach Langley                       Rick Murphy

Executive Director              Board Chair



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Donate today and embrace YOUR commitment to Rugby so we can continue this dream we all share…

Thank-you for helping us reach our goal!