Dear Friend of Rugby,

We need your help as we enter into our ‘off’ season this winter.  We depend on donations from generous folks like YOU to get us through the year!  We get no funding from any government source-our revenue comes from our guided tours, programming, lodging and Cafe.  Making ends meet has been hard the past few years and we have many expenses, just like you do!

The bottom line is, in order for us to continue being the special place you know, we need the help of all the folks who love Rugby!  Even if you can only help a little bit, that means a LOT to us!  It’s easy, just click on one of the donation amounts below which will quickly take you to PayPal.  You don’t need a PayPal account – just a credit card – and it is safe and secure.

We want to continue bringing you the entertaining events and programming you expect which are rooted in our mission: to interpret and protect this unique historic village on the Upper Cumberland Plateau.  Where else can you find all that we have to offer here?

You can help in other ways , too.  Give us your input by filling out this brief survey – it’s the best way to tell us what YOU want from Rugby!

Tell your friends and family about us: ‘like’ us on Facebook and spread the word about this unique destination! Renew your membership, and give a Gift Membership for only $15.00! Visit the Harrow Road Cafe this winter, come hike with us, volunteer with us, have FUN!

Chances are that you discovered Rugby in a roundabout way. We are that special little place that you discovered and love. Show us your love during this season of giving!

For more specific information, please read our attached letter of appeal.

We appreciate you! Please check out our Calendar of Events for 2015 and come on back to visit us soon!


Your contribution is very much appreciated!