Rugby offers a variety of shops and unique merchandise. We feature crafts and merchandise from places all over the planet, along with goods made in Appalachia. There are things in Rugby you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Commissary and Museum Store

If you’ve been to our commissary store, you know it’s anything but common.

“I have seen the David/Seen the Mona Lisa, too/And I have heard Doc Watson play ‘Columbus Stockade Blues.’” Master songwriter and storyteller Guy Clark summed it up: there are priceless treasures in all cultures.

And we’re lucky enough to showcase many of them in our Historic Rugby Commissary.

You’ll find imported foods and other goods from the British Isles. And you’ll discover remarkable artisan craftwork gathered from our own Appalachia—things you won’t see anywhere else.

Like the handmade dolls from an 80-year-old in Rutledge who worries she might be charging too much. Or quilts made by hand that are more precise than any machine. Or toys that are simple but continue to entertain generation after generation, delighting children and rekindling fond memories in adults.

Crafts, literature, jewelry, art--even marbles and toys. Something for everyone

Crafts, literature, jewelry, art–even marbles and toys. Something for everyone

Part of our mission is to support our community with jobs and outlets for locally-made goods. Our commissary does this. But it also helps share the cultures that, combined, have made where we all live so rich.

That’s no common thing.

Our commissary supports artists within a 100 mile radius of Historic Rugby by offering a venue to showcase their merchandise. If you’d like to know more about placing your goods in our store, call (423) 628-5166.


Spirit of Red Hill

Alexander-Perrigo House

Alexander-Perrigo House

For a number of years, Donna Heffner and Annie Patterson operated The Spirit of Red Hill Shop from the Rugby Board of Aid. When that building became the location for an expanded Rugby archive, the two did something amazing: They bought property across the street and re-created one of Rugby’s historic buildings, the Alexander-Perrigo House. The Spirit of Red Hill Shop now resides there, along with addition lodging offered within our village.

The original boarding house that stood on this site was first operated by the Samuel Alexander family in the 1890s and next by Ora and Winfield Scott Perrigo. Many memories have been shared by decendants that add a rich texture to the reconstructed Alexander-Perrigo House.

The Spirit of Red Hill offers, in the owners’ own words, “Nature Art And Oddiments.”  The art is multi-faceted, including nature paintings by Donna and gourd art by both Donna and Annie. You’ll find hand-crafted jewelry, ornaments, cards, and a variety of other remarkably creative items.

Gourds made gourd-geous.

Then there are the oddiments. What’s an oddiment?  According to the owners:  “When you can’t find the exact word you need sometimes a bit of artistic license is required. Thus, oddiments. We define oddiments as ‘anything that strikes our fancy that is older than we are.’ Think of it as a mix of oddities and ornaments and you’ll see where we’re headed.

“In the oddiment category of our shop you’ll find antiques and vintage wares, coins, books and other curiosities that make one stop and marvel a bit. You’ll also find one-of-a-kind creations using vintage items that can be called upcycled, repurposed, recycled, but really, we hate to let anything go to waste.”

See more at the shop website: Spirit of Red Hill.

Missions Matter

Missions Matter

Missions Matter

Marjorie Kagels is a Rugby resident who is on a mission: She supports mission work in many parts of the world by collecting merchandise from craftspeople in Africa, South America, and other locations, then offering it for sale at her Missions Matter shop.

All proceeds from shop sales go to the missions. Marjorie pays to run the shop from her own pocket as her way of supporting the mission work.

missions2In the shop, you’ll find baskets, clothing, crafts, jewelry, and numerous other things, all bought at fair trade prices. The artistry is stunning, especially in such things as hand painted dresses and blankets and woven goods.

The shop is open when Marjorie has time in her schedule, but it’s a wonderful treat to see.

Please Be Seated


Please Be Seated

Adjacent to The Spirit of Red Hill, in an original Rugby building (Joe’s Place), Annie Patterson and Donna Heffner have opened a small shop offering antique and handcrafted chairs. There are inexpensive recycled chairs and stunning handbuilt rockers.

You’ll never know what what you’ll find in this unique shop, but most people find something that makes them think, “I wonder if I could use that.”

Drop in and have a seat.









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