Come bring your art supplies, paint, draw the Historic Rugby Village; founded¬† 1880¬† during the English Victorian period. Explore the architecture, school, church, library, founder’s house , flower garden and more. The Workshop offers demonstration, instruction, informal critique during the Social Hour in the Gallery, continental breakfast and brown bag lunch. So you will have lots of time to paint outdoors capturing the seasonal beauty of the Rugby village.

This workshop will occur three times throughout the year, Spring, Summer, and Fall, for artists to learn the different lighting within each season. The instructor for the workshops, Freeman Davenport, is Rugby’s resident gallery curator and accomplished plein air painter. She hangs shows throughout the year, featuring local artists, within the Historic Board of Aid building.

The Painting Package ($300.00) includes 24 hours of instruction time per season,
continental breakfast, and sac lunch.

The Destination Package (starting at $600) includes the Painting Package
with lodging in our Historic Newbury House.

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