Sunday, April 15
2:30pm Eastern
Friendly House (Behind Christ Church Episcopal)

Lisa Huff, East Regional Ecologist for the Tennessee Natural Areas Program, will present  a history of the shortleaf pine-bluestem vegetation community, explaining what happened to this important species and its associated ecosystems, as well as some efforts that are underway to re-establish it.

Shortleaf pine was a very important forest species in the landscape of Rugby and in Morgan, Fentress, Pickett and other northern Plateau counties in the recent and more distant historic past.  Many of Historic Rugby’s buildings, including Christ Church, are built chiefly from this pine species.

But where did it go?

Come to the program on April 15th at Friendly House, located behind Christ Church in Rugby, and find out.  The program starts at 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time.  The presentation lasts the better part of an hour with time for questions.  After the talk, anyone who is interested can join Lisa for a walk in the state natural area to look for early spring wildflowers.  We’ll decide that afternoon where we’d like to walk.

 About the leader:  Lisa Huff started her professional career working for Tennessee State Parks as a seasonal interpreter over 30 years ago.  Her professional experiences have taken her across the North American continent in the U.S. and Canada, to the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, to Europe and to Africa.  She’s been with the Tennessee Natural Areas Program for the last 17 years.