We have a Christmas treat in store for you, so here’s the schedule (all times EST):

Teddy Bear Tea  1-3 p.m.  Eastern ($10 child/ $5 parent). Provided for children will be snacks & hot chocolate, plus help with making a take-home craft item before a Christmas story is read.

Visitor Centre: Open  3:00- 9:00, serving cookies and wassail from 4:30-8:00

Christ Episcopal service at 3:30

Historic Buildings open and  tour of homes 4:30-7:30 (included). Historic Buildings include Hughes Library, Kingstone Lisle, Christ Church Episcopal and the Rugby Schoolhouse. Private homes are all in the Beacon Hill section and include those of Jackson, Roberson, Hester, Hoff-Goldwire & Kemp-Woodall families.

Cookies and Wassail in Visitors Centre  4:30- 8:00

Father Christmas will be around the village throughout the evening

Admission wrist bands for event —  $20.  Will be available at the Visitor Centre and online, or call 423-628-2441.  Children under 12 are free.  The wrist bands give entrance to the historic buildings & tour of homes (There is an additional charge for the Teddy Bear Tea, see above, and the buffet, see below.)

Buffet at Cafe 4-8 pm ($20 additional for adults, $10 additional children 12 and under) reservations required. Menu includes applewood smoked ham, roasted turkey breast, green beans, vegetable medley, mashed potatoes with house-made gravy, fancy yams, yeast rolls, butter cream holiday crisps and coffee or tea.
Click here for online event, buffet & tea tickets, or call 423-628-2441: https://squareup.com/store/historic-rugby-inc-3/  

Buildings are decorated, too! We look forward to seeing you soon!