With The Energy In Historic Rugby Right Now,
Your Gift Can Make Something Amazing Happen.

Dear Friend:

I hope you had a chance to come to Rugby this year. You would have seen something special.

We’re introducing new programs and new ways of interacting with people. We have had more volunteers and volunteer projects. We have new residents. The village is very alive and energetic.

Our summer and fall events (the British Car Show, Lantern Tour, Ghostly Gathering and Holiday Tea at Uffington House) were all big successes. Our Victorian Gala still has people talking. We are just starting a remodeling and re-invention of the Harrow Road Café.

And have you seen Kingstone Lisle? The new roof is beautiful, but that’s nothing compared to the inside, which sparkles after a detailed cleaning and refreshing (including new valances)—all done by our amazing volunteers.

In 2016, we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Historic Rugby, Inc.  It’s an opportunity to re-dedicate ourselves to preserving our amazing village. It’s also the opportunity to introduce Rugby to new generations of people.

We have a great start for our 50th year.  But we need your help.

As we enjoy this new level of energy and participation, we’re also entering the winter months, the slowest time of year for visitation. Winter is an opportunity to be creative with new exhibits, improve our operations, and promote the programs that will pay off beginning next spring.  But it’s also the time when we operate at a significant deficit.

Your tax-deductible gift to Historic Rugby at the end of this year can help us with operating expenses and help us launch 2016 programs properly so they will be successful.


Our board and our staff has taken significant steps to reduce debt and restructure operations to cut expenses in 2015 so we can devote more resources to what really matters.

Following is a list of the programs and ideas that your donation will help support—and that will help us make sure Historic Rugby is strong for another half century.  We also have created a “wish list” of special needs, because some supporters have asked for specifics as to what can help us.

If you’d like to adopt a particular project or have your donation go toward a certain aspect of our operations, thank you. If you’d prefer your donation be applied to our spectrum of work, we are also extremely grateful.

Could you take a moment to consider a donation to help us move forward?

Everyone at Historic Rugby is very excited about the coming year. With your help, we could make it the best in our wonderful village’s history.

Again, thank you for your support of Historic Rugby.



Teresa Bowman
Executive Director

Donate online here, or mail your donation to: Historic Rugby, P.O. Box 8, Rugby, TN 37733.